Dispersion of Leadership in Global Organizations Applying New Types of Organizational Structures

Rafał Mrówka, Mikołaj Pindelski


Organizational structures of global organizations are evolving into more network-in-nature, virtual, fractal-in-nature. New type of organization will be undergoing a change in the definition of hierarchy, which will divert into heterarchical and hyperarchical structures. This paper outlays an analysis of leadership dispersion in global organizations using new types of organizational structures. In such organizations, demand for leadership is inclining. Notwithstanding, leadership should be considered as a combination of multiple approaches and attitudes. Leadership should be associated with many people scattered all over the world and carrying out their day-to-day tasks and duties. Authors of this paper focus their attention on a thesis that there will be a growing demand for lower levels of leadership. JEL classification: JEL L100, M100. Keywords: leadership, globalization, virtual organization, hyperarchy, heterarchy, fractal organization, network organization.


leadership; globalization; virtual organization; hyperarchy; heterarchy; fractal organization; network organization

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