Nguyen Thi Kim Hue Nguyen Thi Loc Nguyen Thi Hong


This study is carried out with the main objective of analyzing the determining fac- tors for the gratification of Facebook users when accessing a hotel’s Facebook page and verifying the relationship between satisfaction with the Facebook page and the intention to visit a hotel. This study surveyed 404 Facebook users in Vietnam. The methods of exploratory factor analysis, con- firmatory factor analysis, and structural equation modeling are used to process the data. The results conclude that the factors affecting satisfaction with hotels’ Facebook pages are information, con- venience, and social interaction; in addition, satisfaction with these Facebook pages has a positive effect on the intention to visit a hotel. This study contributes to hotels by helping them to understand the expectations of customers on their Facebook pages. From there, suggestions as to how to take measures to improve their presence on Facebook and enhance their competitiveness on the virtual platform are provided.