Vasyl Hyk Oleh Vysochan Olha Vysochan


In the article the methodology and organization of accounting for innovation costs are considered and directions for their improvement are brought. An analysis of the modern economic literature on the reflection of the costs of innovation in the accounts, which allowed to identify several of their options. The purpose of the study is to identify the main problems of accounting for the cost of innovation and develop recommendations for their solution for effective enterprise management. The object of the study is the process of formation of costs for innovations to be reflected in the accounting system. The complexity of reflecting the cost of innovation in accounting accounts necessitates the creation of appropriate approaches and methodologies. It was found that businesses account for the costs of innovation on different balance sheets, which indicates the lack of a rational method of accounting. To meet the information needs of the data management system, its own accounting approach is proposed, which combines the process of financing and using the costs of innovation. It is determined that when modeling the system it is important to take into account the factors under the influence of which the methodological principles of accounting for innovation costs are formed. It is established that the accounting method may be influenced by the following factors: forms and sources of financing the costs of innovation (factor F), the procedure for writing off the cost of capital investment (factor K), the procedure for writing off the costs of current operating costs (factor O). It is determined that the use of the proposed approach will improve the quality of accounting and information support of the enterprise management system.