Nataliia Gavkalova Yuliia Lola Ivan Malyi Hanna Poliakova Yuliia LOLA


The article examines the impact of digitalization on the values of Ukrainian youth as a driving force of Ukrainian society. The method of social research and econometric models were used to test the hypotheses. 115 young people took part in the online survey. The study was conducted from November 2020 to January 2021. The results showed that traditional values (absolute and family) have a high level of priority for Ukrainian youth. The importance of social values is differentiated and heterogeneous, and digital values are also becoming increasingly important. However, so far in the structure of values they occupy the lowest position. The results of the study can be useful for the development of public institutions, building a modern youth regional policy, the formation and adaptation of development strategies of universities, public institutions and non-governmental organizations.