Mindaugas Laužikas Rasa Mokšeckienė


The first insights on the symbiosis of art and business leave the impression that it is the combination of very activities of different fields, types and purpose that complement each other in unpredictable ways. This brings a variety of cooperation and interaction possibilities. Both arts and business are multi-factored conceptions; therefore, it is necessary to focus on various aspects, related to the simultaneous development of each, as well as the impact of their cooperation. The research question: what are the interaction points between art and business and how could the synergy effect be achieved between these areas? To reach the purpose of the current publication—which is the examination of the symbiosis of art and business in fashion design—first of all the present situation in Lithuanian creative industries is overviewed, followed by the revelation of the main terms related to the symbiosis of arts and business; then the innovation processes in arts are tackled and the main patterns of the fashion design industry are presented, terminating by the description of the methodology and results of qualitative interviews. The publication is a good example of scientific efforts in initiating debates on synergetic effects between arts and business.