Attitudes of Physicians and Nurses towards Adverse Events and Near-Miss Management in General Hospitals of Lithuania

Loreta Marmienė, Ramunė Kalėdienė


Adverse events and near-miss management in Lithuanian general hospitals is analyzed in this article. The aim of the paper is to evaluate the attitudes of physicians and nurses towards adverse events and near-miss management. 1020 general hospitals health care professionals took part in the anonymous survey, which was performed during the period of June - December, 2014. The results suggested that 9.9% of the respondents did not know what adverse event is, and 10.7% did not know the meaning of near-miss. Nurses compared to physicians knew much more about the process of what and where to register the adverse event or near-miss. Most of the respondents declared that it is useful to register adverse events and near-misses. Older health care professionals with longer work experience were considerably more active in this process. Most of the respondents declared that after the near-miss happens, the efforts are put to examine causes of the event, but only half of them knew further near-miss investigation steps and were instructed about the adjustment and preventive actions.


adverse events; near-miss; patient safety; reporting of adverse events

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