Security is one of the most important human needs, which can only be satisfied by other people, and only from the outside. It lacks leads to human frustration and resistance (A. Maslow). Before the war in Ukraine, the development of European societies took place in peaceful conditions. Therefore, the war in Ukraine caused by the Russian Federation actualized the problems of meeting the security of liberal democratic societies. The subject of this study is the internal tensions inherent in liberal democracy, which can intensify when insecurity spreads in society. The purpose of the research is to reveal the socio-cultural vulnerability of the security of liberal democracy. The satisfaction of security is explained based on the closely parallel evolution of the human mind and community (F. Hayek), in which the culture of being of human groups was formed - common rules of behavior and groups turned into communities. This sociocultural evolution has weakened in liberal democratic societies. The socio-cultural vulnerability of the security of liberal democracy is caused by the formation of "new individualism" and consumer society. In the process of formation of a new individualism and consumer society, the concept of security is transforming from general security to individual security. In this process, the socio-cultural nature of common security inevitably weakens. When the development of society takes place in a state of peace and there is no external threat to national security, we hardly notice the transformation of general security towards individual security. However, the growth of external threats to the nation forces us to turn to common security, which is developed by fostering the sociocultural ties of society members.