The role of forensic medicine in forensic investigations is to provide evidence on the basis of which suspects can be identified and the suspect's guilt can be proved or refuted. Forensic experts must ensure that evidence is treated with the utmost care so that it is not contaminated, damaged or misused. Forensic experts restore the order of events in which the crime was committed, combining evidence, investigation and scientific recommendations. This order of action is used in order to understand the mechanism of the crime, the roles of the persons involved in it and the possible objectives of the commission of the crime and etc. The restoration of the crime helps legal experts and subsequently law enforcement representatives to create and present to the court a logical chain of events. This article analyzes the role of forensic medicine at the place of death. The article analyzes the actions of a forensic expert after finding a corpse at the scene or recording the injury of a living person. The article presents the actions of a forensic expert on the basis of national legislation and the individual expertise gained, and describes the sequence of questions asked.