Gintaras Kavarskas https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1895-9143


Managers Develop Management of Employees in Service Industries is a scientific article. Management of employment is a serious problem in service industries, a new problem is management of employees in service industries. The aim is to analyze; the tasks for the analysis are two: to analyze employment management development, to suggest the applied measures of the management of employees in service industries. The analysis has conclusions, results, suggestions, and recommendations. The theory of the management relations was applied in order to analyze. The solutions to the eight factors are important. Methods for the research were descriptive for analysis, generalizations and suggestions. A contemporary management is important. The results revealed that management of employment is important, managers can develop management in service industries because the factors and management relations are important. Gintaras Kavarskas – Master of Management, strategic projects management, risk management and management of international projects, employment, employment management, evaluation of management quality of human resources, international management of employment, international employment, international management, employment management direction to countries, management systems, management innovations to countries, assessment of innovations management, emergency and crisis management theories.