Rasa Kaminskaitė https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6978-9001 Giedrė Paurienė https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2902-2855


The police are nothing more than an institution created by society to meet its own needs for security. Therefore, the issue of honour and insult of a police officer is very important to ensure security and stability in the state. The issue of insulting the honour and dignity of a police officer is a topical issue, because in order for officers to perform their duties properly (defend, protect, assist), they need to feel safe in the performance of their official duties. The purpose of this article is to reveal the ethical aspects of insulting the honour and dignity of a police officer and the prevalence of this phenomenon. Object of investigation: insult to the honour and dignity of a police officer. The two tasks of the article are singled out: to discuss the concepts of honour and dignity by revealing their ethical aspects, and to assess the prevalence of the phenomenon of collisions of police officers with insults to honour and dignity. Research methods used: analysis of scientific literature, analysis of documents, generalization, questionnaire survey, statistical descriptive analysis, descriptive interpretive analysis. After evaluating the empirical research, it was concluded that the honour and dignity of officers are violated throughout the state of Lithuania constantly, at least several times a week. The honour and dignity of police officers are most often offended by antisocial, intoxicated individuals who can be said to have fewer social skills and are less educated. The honour and dignity of officers are violated in a variety of ways, including words, gestures and actions aimed at belittling, insulting or humiliating an officer. It is argued that the legal regulation of the protection of the honour and dignity of officers is insufficient, for this reason officers do not feel safe in the performance of their duties.