Jurij Matyskevic, Zaneta Simanaviciene


This article reviews applicability of the very trendy in IT world Agile framework or even mindset and culture (a set of practice that in contradiction to other product and project management practises treats predominantly IT development in very flexible and iterative manner). Research starts with the very foundations of Agile practise, revises its main building blocks (principles) mentioned in primary source – Agile manifesto and examines validity of such principles to be implemented in commercial and business setup, e.g. in commercial relationships between different commercial undertakings.

Justification of the research. Agile and agility is very popular nowadays in mainly IT world however due to its nature it is very close to LEAN principles being implemented in manufacturing operations. The main idea behind that mindset is that products have to be developed in iterative mode – closely communicating with the customers and delivering working prieces of functionality as soon as possible (MVP – Minimum Viable Product). Such approach without any doubts is perfectly suitable for internal R&D projects (developing absolutely new products, brainstorming together new ideas), hovewer its full application is doubtful in commercial setup due to the number of reasons.  

Aim is to examine the applicability of Agile framework in commercial setup, pointing out what and why Agile principles work, and what parts of this mindset can be ignored as non-applicable.

Methods employed are analysis of the scientific articles, analysis of best practice use cases, comparison, analytical descriptive and generalization methods.

Findings of this research support the assumption that through leveraged Agile practise commercial companies can essentially benefit in designing product‘s quality and speed (time to market). Hovewer some of Agile principles shall be adapted to the nature of commercial relationships by introducing more formal approach to the extent possible (without jeopardizing Agile principles).

Conclusions emphasize positive Agility features and recommend to imlement such practises, introducing additional key elements that would ensure formal contractual relationships between commercial undertakings.


Blockchain; Sustainability; Technology application

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