Irena Figurska Aneta Sokół


The issue of the security of an individual has many dimensions, including the economic one. The aim of the article is to examine the ways of acquiring economic knowledge and its impact on the human economic security. The article consists of a theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part of the article the essence of economic security was discussed, and factors affecting this security were also analyzed. Economic knowledge was also defined and its influence on human economic security was analyzed.The results of research on the level of economic knowledge of Poles presented in the literature indicate that their knowledge is fragmentary and not internally coherent. It mainly includes information from the mass media and information that relates directly to specific individuals. To verify these observations, in the empirical part of the article, the results of a study conducted among students, concerning, inter alia, the methods of acquiring economic knowledge and the impact of economic knowledge possessed on the sense of economic security, are presented.