Paweł Wasilewski


In their perception of reality people can’t avoid personal context. In this process, emotions are assigned to the reality that is perceived. This distorts the world that appear to our senses. This distortions are the result of the past experiences, current mood, use of the attributions and – although this element has been omitted in the previous studies – the perception of time. The way in which we see the world around us, and especially our interpretation of incoming stimuli, have a primary influence on the creation of a sense of fear. Moreover, the perceived level of fear determines the way we perceive the world around us. This leads to a vicious circle which affect the individual sense of security. The lack of fulfillment of the need for security affects human life and development and is now one of the most important problems facing whole society and individual human beings. This is particularly true for the members of social groups involved in providing safety for the public.