Ramunė Jakštienė


The Lithuanian language belongs to the Baltic branch of the IndoEuropean family. Most Baltic languages are extinct. The only ones preserved and used to date are Lithuanian and Latvian. Researchers of IndoEuropean languages say Lithuanian is the most archaic of all the living IndoEuropean tongues. The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania ensures the Lithuanian special legal status and declares the principle of state language. This principle is implemented and defined in numerous various types of legislation, regulating different areas of public life. Application of some norms of legislation sometimes becomes more or less problematic. Recently the most problematic norms, implementing the principle of the state language, are the ones, regulating the writing of the names of natural persons, especially nonLithuanian nationality and noncitizens, in official documents; public signs and education in languages of national minorities. Recently some important decisions were made by national and international courts, other state authorities which are linked to the implementation of the principle of state language.