Algirdas Muliarčikas Robertas Veršinskas


Relevant aspects of results implementation of studies process and constant development are: purposeful presentation of knowledge, suitable formation of awareness about the essence of study subject and the meaning, conscious attitude to the planning of self-help and realization of process implementation, constant studies subject results achievement of ways and methods control through the data of stage control. Exercise is significant part of person’s general culture, tellingly influencing the aspects of various characteristics and features of education and training of human. Specialized physical preparation is one of the essential conditions of statutory officers’ preparation. In this article it is reviewed students – men and women, who had one year studies of special physical preparation (Combat self-defence) subject. Also it is reviewed the data of questionnaire about the attitude to physical culture, through it formed ethical values and students relation with physical activity. The main goal of the article is to determine the tendencies of change of students’ attitude to physical exercises after one year combat self-defence subject studies and the influence to formation of special physical preparation for the future statutory officer. Using the method of questionnaire from 137 students of higher course (67 of women and 70 of men) was gained the information about the attitude of future statutory officers to physical training and relation with it changes peculiarities. During this survey it is determined that the best part of future statutory officers’ (p>0,01) attitude to physical training changed positively. The change of the attitude of students had made the studies subject programme. Students obtained new information, formed perception about the necessity of suitable physical preparation. Positive influence of physical practice to the health of respondents determined demand for additional self-sufficient exercise. It was ascertained the opinion of students about the influence of special physical occupations to their as future officers formation of ethical values.