Inna Suchkova Paweł Szmagliński Jekaterina Kartasova


This paper presents the instruments of internationalization of enterprises operating within the Eurasian Economic Union. Research contains answers of 108 enterprises - exporters located in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The purpose of the paper is to show the main forms of the internationalization of enterprises in Kazakhstan. The paper also presents the following instruments of enterprises’ internationalization including: indirect export, direct export, cooperative export, assembly operations, management contracts, turnkey operations, contract manufacturing, licensing, franchising, international alliances cooperation, foreign branches and companies. We analyzed these forms of participation in international business enterprises from the Republic of Kazakhstan. The degree of internationalization of the Kazakh enterprises in relation to the Polish was compared. The basic factors of comparison taken into consideration: the directions of international expansion, dividing them into the countries included in the Eurasian Economic Union, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the countries of the European Union and others.