Algirdas Muliarčikas


Law enforcement officials need not only good practical skills of legal knowledge, but good health, adequate psychological and physical fitness as well. Regardless of the nature of the activity, officials often suffer from stressful situations that adversely affect their health. A sufficiently problematic circumstance that negatively affects the status of statutory officers is cardiovascular disease. It is likely that special knowledge, proper physical fitness, and a system for monitoring and controlling the status of officers could positively influence the personal commitment of statutory officers to maintain a good level of physical health. The article reviews the results of the questionnaire survey for the students of Mykolas Romeris University, Public Security Faculty and future statutory officials. The aim of the survey was to reveal how students evaluate their health, whether they control the state of their health with the help of elementary functional indicators, and what measures they will use to improve their physical health and general well-being. The questionnaire approbated in 1999 was used to conduct the survey