Justyna Majchrzak-Lepczyk


The globalization of markets and competition as well as the rapid development of the Internet generate increasing demands for companies, in terms of the ability to create and deliver value to clients, but also the ability to increase their value. Efficient service plays an increasingly important role, generating additional value for the customer. Creating them enables e-commerce for business to gain financial benefits and maintain an attractive image. The modern client smoothly transitions between different sales and distribution channels, deciding on the manner, time and place of delivery of the purchased product. Thus, the identification of valuable relationships with the customer can be a way to stand out in a competitive market, and the success of sales is governed by the quality of the relationship between the seller and the customer. The research makes it possible to draw interesting conclusions, among others, confirming the increase of consumer requirements with respect to the quality of communication and ways of delivering products. The greatest value of e-commerce for the customer is the speed and transparency of communication.