Martina Blašková Kristína Poláčková


Paper deals with creating conditions for building a safe and ethical work environment and behaviour at public universities in Slovak Republic through the quality managerial decision-making in motivating employees/academicians. An assumption is that only motivated teachers and managers are able and willing to maintain all policies and security features that are necessary for good functioning of the universities. The examination of this issue was carried out through a content analysis of the documentation capturing the managerial decisions of 20 public universities in Slovak Republic. The documentation examined was focused on the ethical behaviour of employees, the quality of higher education, and strategic management and development of human potential. It is these three areas or perspectives that unify a comprehensive view on management decisions in motivational processes. Results of the analysis confirm our assumption that the management systems of universities show some imperfections. These include, in particular, inadequate interpersonal (motivational, communication, leadership) competencies of university managers.