Creating a model of social pedagogue’s activity while taking control over the interrelations at school

Odeta Šapelytė


In this article the problem of social-psychological climate in a class and results of a survey carried among pupils (N=581) are being analyzed. A social pedagogue’s role in the educational system is being discussed and a theoretical model of his/her activity in the sphere of intercourses at school is represented.
The theoretical model of interrelations at school has been carried out and it has turned out to be manifold. Relations between pupils, teacher’s ability to communicate and to teach as well as to interferior with pupils, teacher’s and pupil’s attitude towards their teachers are structural elements of interrelations at school. They are discussed as well. The results of the research have disclosed the inferior interaction at school and have shown how a teacher’s personality affects intercourses.
A new professional-social pedagogue is a positive phenomenon at school, which can help to solve many problems in the educational environment. For a regulation of the intercourses some theoretical model of social pedagogue’s activity has been created. The model consists of four elements: establishing auto-reflection groups of interrelations; teachers consulting and organization of educational system; creating environment system, which stimulates interaction and collaboration; solution of arisen conflicts. The model is not the completed pattern to be followed. These are only the main landmarks, which can and should be corrected by a social pedagogue according to the situation he/she faces at school.


social-psychological climate; interrelations; pupil; pedagogue; social interaction; social pedagogue; model of activity

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