The prevalence of cyberbullying among Klaipėda district high school students

Rasa Pilkauskaitė Valickienė, Saulė Raižienė, Rita Žukauskienė


Cyberbullying is a new form of bullying. Scientists agree that this new type of bullying is a very relevant problem among adolescents. The main purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of cyberbullying among Klaipeda district high school students. 1766 (1018 girls and 748 boys, the age range 15-19, M=17.31, SD=0.96) adolescents participated in this study. All of them were in grades 10 to 12 grades of Klaipeda region high schools. The results revealed that 6 to 18,4 percents of high school students were cyberbullied one or more times during the last two months by means of phone call, text messaging, phone pictures or videos, email, instant messaging, and via chat rooms, websites. It was also revealed that boys are cyberbullied more often than girls in all of the above forms, and that time spent on the internet is a risk factor for becoming a victim of cyberbullying (more so for boys than girls).


cyberbullying; high school students

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