Communication Modeling and Mobile Object Monitoring by Using Colored Petri Nets

Dalė Dzemydienė, Ramūnas Dzindzalieta


Monitoring moving objects and analyzing their statuses are the best opportunities currently offered by mobile technology. The methods and software for wireless systems allow the exchange of many possible data formats (e.g., text, visual or audio communication) and provide information about the state of the object’s geographical coordinates in real time. The necessary information is received from the sensors and mobile device’s contextual information. Information is sent to remote servers whenever applicable, and, after some calculation, more accurate data is obtained. Software to identify different situations has been designed and implemented. The software and therefore the identification of the situations of technical equipment can send data, warnings or reminders to a given situation. Colored Petri nets (CPN) allowed to more precisely model complex situations of scenarios and to capture the information any time, anywhere provided in advance of a moving object. Mobile devices detect the necessary data via the external or internal physical environment through sensors. The mobile device components are interacting with internal or external physical environment and have the sensor detectors’ parameters. Such information is stored into data-warehouses in which the knowledge discovery is made by CPN models, which represent rules of analysis.


mobile technology; modeling; colored Petri nets (CPN); software for mobile devices

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