Jaime Campos


Purpose – The paper goes through and outlines the developments of IS methodologies as well as certain research approaches applied. In addition, the technical aspects of the ICT architectures are discussed for purposes of the development and implementation of the mobile web technologies for the industrial domain.Design/methodology/approach – The author organizes the relevant literature findings in three sections named the ICTs in the industrial maintenance domain, web oriented architecture and the IS development methodologies. The findings are analysed and discussed while highlighting aspects of the ICT architectures, IS methodologies and different approaches that one needs to be aware of for successful design and implementation of the mobile web technologies.Findings – The results reveal that mobile technologies have been developed mainly with the prototype and design approach where emphasis has been on the technical aspects. For the above mentioned reason the author reviews the area of the IS development methodologies as well as the ICT architectures, which shows rapid and dynamic process over time. In addition, it was found that for successful planning, implementation and use of the mobile web technologies it is important to emphasize other aspects and not just the technological ones. The research approaches that shed light on the IS development process are the Action design research as well as Participatory design approach.Research limitations/implications – The current work presented in this paper hows that to develop sustainable ICTs, especially mobile web technologies for the industrial domain, there is a need to consider various aspects which put an emphasis on not just the technological aspects of the developed systems but also, for instance, on the organizational context as well as the user’s needs and various stakeholders. It is, therefore, important to choose proper IS methodologies, tools, techniques and approaches for sustainable ICTs in the domain of interest.Practical implications – The current work pinpoints important aspects to understand and consider when choosing the IS methodology, tools and techniques for the mobile web technologies.Originality/Value – The paper pinpoints important characteristics to consider when planning to develop and implement mobile web technologies into the industrial maintenance engineering domain.


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