Joe Pilotta


Purpose – the study will be an investigation and articulation of the question “how does the Internet of Things (IoT) work”?Design/methodology/approach – a phenomenological investigation of complementarity with Contemporary Systems Thinking uncovering the temporal reflex of the Internet. The Internet is to be understood to be a part of our life world of technology as well as a network of signs.Findings – the Internet’s temporal reflex is more than the various combinations of past-present-future.Practical implications – understanding the temporal reflex of the Internet is more than mere interconnectivity and a series of nodes but a self-processing system creating various possibilities which can be unintended consequences. The unintended now can be anticipated and avoid significant disruptions.Originality/Value – the values of the research demonstrates an anticipatory dimension of the IoT in which we may foresee a type of fore-knowledge of what can or will be next. Such fore-knowledge allows risk mitigation at all levels of sociality; organizational cultural and societal.