What is the Difference Between Motivation to Learn Mathematics in University and in College?

Laura Gudelytė, Olga Navickienė


Purpose—This paper examines whether there is significant difference between Mykolas Romeris University and College of Applied Social Sciences students, their knowledge of Mathematics acquired at school, and the choice to take the final Mathematics examination or not; and their further studying results and motivation.
Design/methodology/approach—Test results are analysed by statistical hypothesis testing methods.
Findings—The motivation of University students, who have taken the Mathematics examination, to study and achieve better results, is stronger.
Research limitations/implications—the represented method is one of the ways to inquiry of such problems.
Practical implications—This study will help to identify the University and College students’ weaknesses and to show ways to improve the quality of studies.
Originality/Value—The study should allow to measure the average time it takes
University and College students of social sciences to understand a mathematical text.


teaching mathematics; checking knowledge tests; quality of studies; statistical methods

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