Resources linked to Work Engagement: The Role of High Performance Work Practices, Employees’ Mindfulness, and Self-concept Clarity

Audra Balundė, Kristina Paradnikė


Work engagement is an important component of individual’s well-being at work, it promotes one’s advancement, performance and ability to cope with challenges. Thus, scholars have become increasingly interested what factors promote employees’ work engagement. There is a variety of possible job and personal resources that might contribute to the development of work engagement. However, only a few studies have outlined the significance of high performance work practices, employees’ mindfulness and self-concept clarity in relations to work engagement. Therefore, the purpose of the current study was to analyze if high performance work practices, employees’ mindfulness, and self-concept clarity are linked to work engagement. Employees (N = 125) from various private sector organizations filled anonymous questionnaires. The results have revealed that components of work engagement were positively related to self-concept clarity and one of the high performance work practices (namely, motivation). Thus, self-concept clarity and motivation might play an important role in employees’ well-being at work. However, a longitudinal, or an interventional, study is needed to further explain the causality of engagement and other study variables.


work engagement, high performance work practices, mindfulness, self-concept clarity, employees

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