Flourishing Scale: Evidence of Its Suitability to the Brazilian Context

Patrícia Nunes da Fonseca, Bruna da Silva Nascimento, Larisse Helena Gomes Macêdo Barbosa, Katia Corrêa Vione, Valdiney Veloso Gouveia


The present study aimed to support the psychometric adequacy of the Flourishing Scale in the Brazilian context. It counted with a
non-probabilistic sample of 171 undergraduate students (Study 1) and 177 individuals from the general population (Study 2). Participants
answered to the Flourishing Scale, the Positivity Scale, and demographic questions. The studies showed a one-factor solution, with satisfactory internal consistency, providing empirical evidence of convergent validity through the average variance extracted and showing positive correlation with the construct of positivity. Furthermore, a confirmatory factor analysis (ML) corroborated the recommended one-factor model. This measure demonstrated to be psychometrically suitable for use in the Brazilian context. Thus, this study provided a brief and low-cost measure of well-being from the perspective of flourishing, being adequate to be used in the research field.


Flourishing; Well-being; Positive Psychology; Measure; Validity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13165/SIIW-15-1-2-07


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