Agung Sulistyo Purnomo Eva Achjani Zulfa Muhammad Sya'roni Rofii


In the administration of President Joko Widodo, downstreaming is a concept that is projected to create jobs and improve the regional economy. In order for downstreaming to succeed, it is necessary to transfer science and technology from foreign investors and workers to the Indonesian people with the support of the ease of visa policy. This research aims to evaluate the role of the current ease of visa policy in facilitating the entry of foreign investment into Indonesia to foster job creation and entrepreneurship. This research was conducted using a qualitative approach; the data collection method used interview techniques and participant observation. The interviews were conducted by selecting respondents from residents living around PT VDNI and local workers and staff representatives from PT VDNI. Participant observations were conducted using the author’s experience working as an immigration official, with assignments at home and abroad from 2006 until the present day. Supporting data in the form of official letters related to investor and foreign worker licenses were taken from the local immigration office located in Kendari city. The primary and secondary data obtained were then subjected to reduction, classification, and triangulation processes. The ease of visa policy improves the economies of residents by creating new jobs via foreign investment. The results of this research highlight the effectiveness of implementing ease of visa policies for foreign investors and workers.


Development of Public Administration