Medeu Kurmangali Yana Yeraliyeva Aigul Beimisheva


Digitalization and new technologies are now firmly on the agendas of governments worldwide. New technological trends have not only become catalysts for economic development, but are also reshaping how the public sector works and implements its policies. Amid technological transformations, the countries of Central Asia are searching for new ways to adapt to these changes. This paper aims to assess these attempts by exploring the digitalization policies of the five Central Asian countries. By using qualitative methods and expert interviews, the article identifies key limitations and potential areas of development for the Central Asian states regarding digitalization and artificial intelligence. By providing valuable insights, the article contributes to a deeper understanding of the digitalization challenges faced by developing countries. Through the analysis of local expert opinions, the article seeks to contribute valuable insights to the distinct approaches adopted by these countries, thus enriching the understanding of the region’s trajectory in the digital era. 


Globalization and Public Administration