Nawawi Natsir Rahmawati Halim Mashuri H. Tahili


Dynamic governance has been seen as a pertinent strategy to foster public service innovation and the recruitment of public sector managers. This study proposes to explore the effect of dynamic governance on public service innovation through the recruitment of public sector managers as a moderating variable. The study employs a quantitative approach to analyze the research data, for the collection and analysis of which a survey strategy was used. The research includes 357 respondents selected via a disproportionate random sample technique based on Krejcie and Morgan’s table, with a 0.05 margin of error. The research findings show that dynamic governance consists of two dimensions which positively and significantly affect public service innovation: dynamic capabilities and institutional cultures. Additionally, the recruitment of public organization managers has a positive and significant effect on public service innovation. Accordingly, the dynamic governance perspective is seen as a relevant way to support dynamic performance, continuity, and change in local governance. Further, it may also improve the effectiveness of the recruitment of public organization managers in human resources management, and deliver better innovation in the future.


Development of Administrative Skills