Serik Jumabayev Raushan Dulambayeva Larissa Kussainova Daulet Yesmagambetov


This article proposes a methodology for comprehensively assessing the level of food security in the regions of Kazakhstan based on three components: physical accessibility, economic accessibility and food safety. A system of indicators and their threshold values are justified for a component-by-component assessment. As a result, a comprehensive assessment of the food security of the regions of Kazakhstan in 2021 is carried out. The paper uses the method of mathematical modeling to assess the food security of the region, which includes the method of logical analysis in the selection of statistical and legal data to ensure the completeness and consistency of their coverage of the studied area. The methods of systematization, comparison, ranking and visualization are used to interpret the results. The information base for the study was the data of the Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Public Management