Yusif Huseynov


Due to the accelerating likelihood of environmental catastrophes which have negative impacts on levels of investment and economic development, particularly along coastal regions and in agricultural sectors, the cost of living is expected to significantly rise throughout the coming decades. In order to make appropriate decisions and implement sensible policy, it is necessary to evaluate the expenses associated with potential natural disasters. The evaluation process will employ national development programs and models for estimating financial losses associated with disasters that have previously been established within the Sendai Framework 2030. Environmental disasters have disproportionate effects on wellbeing and economic opportunities for the people of Azerbaijan. Therefore, it is necessary to implement preemptive protocols to mitigate the negative effects of future disasters. A multidimensional approach is needed when managing potential consequences, especially during the post-conflict reconstruction and rehabilitation period in the country. Therefore, in this paper, Azerbaijan’s risk profile, procedures for creating a national disaster risk reduction program, and the realization of adaptive actions are discussed.


Development of Public Policy