Nurgul Zhalelkanova Elvira S. Madiyarova Madina U. Rakhimberdinova Gulnara I. Islyam Ekrem Karayılmazlar


In this day and age, investments are necessary for a timely response to market changes. The purpose of the paper is to conduct a theoretical analysis of the form of interaction between business entities and government (as a category), as well as in terms of certain territories, with the possibility of analysing some indicators assessing the development of public-private partnerships based on the experience of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Turkey. And within the framework of existing trends, determine the impact of the development of public-private partnership (PPP) on the economy of these territories and identify the main directions for improving the development of this instrument in relation to these territories. Within the framework of the study, a scientific approach was used with general scientific methods, as well as special ones, in particular systematisation, theoretical generalisation and a comparison method using statistical analysis. The paper considers approaches to understanding such categories as public-private partnership, as part of the study, an analysis of the impact of public-private partnership on the economy of the region and the experience of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Turkey is carried out, which allows us to identify further directions for the development of the use of this tool for attracting private investments for the regional development. The applied value of the material lies in the possibility of a more effective use of this instrument of interaction between public bodies and business entities for the development of individual territories, which is the key to increasing the competitiveness of these territories.


Implementation of Economic and Social Policy