Saltanat K. Baidybekova Balhiya K. Shomshekova Elmira O. Kydyrbayeva Askar K. Sharipov Meruyert I. Kasseinova


In modern economic conditions, it is impossible for companies and enterprises to operate without accounting and financial reporting. Currently, enterprises in Kazakhstan carry out their activities under international financial reporting standards (IFRS). One of the main reasons for the transition to international standards is the entry of Kazakhstan’s economy onto the international stage. The purpose of this study is to analyse the process of digitalisation of accounting and financial reporting in the context of globalisation of the economy, especially in the field of public administration. Based on the research conducted, the authors aim to elaborate the main ways of developing and improving financial accounting and reporting for the Republic of Kazakhstan. This study applies a comparative approach, structural analysis, synthesis, and classification. In the course of the study, the main goals and objectives of financial accounting at enterprises are considered; the main trends in the development of financial accounting in the context of digitalisation of the economy are analysed; the main problems in organising financial accounting at enterprises are revealed; and the main ways and directions for improving financial accounting at enterprises in the context of economic globalisation are disclosed. It is concluded that the development of financial accounting and reporting is impossible without the development of the information society and the introduction of administrative management in a digitalised environment.


Implementation of Economic and Social Policy