Iryna Fyshchuk Oksana Evsyukova Vainius Smalskys


This article explores the theoretical foundations of information and communication support in public authorities, presents an analysis of a set of models of communication management, and considers various information and communication spaces in public administration. The authors define key directions in the modernization of the information and communication support of public authority activitities in modern Ukraine. Emphasis is placed on the need to develop a system of professional training in the field of cybersecurity following the experience of the US in this area, and use of knowledge management tools is suggested in order to improve the information and communication support of public authorities in Ukraine. This article studies US educational institutions that conduct training in the field of cybersecurity, and defines a set of knowledge management tools including knowledge networks as a process of: human and computer interaction where people exchange information, knowledge, and experience to develop new knowledge and solve new issues; combining knowledge, experience, talents, skills, and capabilities in models that are constantly changing. It also describes open space technology as a method that helps this community to be more effective by developing shared solutions. This article concludes that the issue of the information and communication skills of сivil servants is becoming increasingly relevant in the conditions of transformations, and it is important to master new communication technologies to apply them when making managerial decisions.


Public Management