Medet M. Kudabekov, Lyazat T. Nurkatova, Nurlan O. Baigabylov


High-quality social services are being transformed into a social protection system in response to the global conditions that will exist in the post-pandemic period. This will require significant investment and the expansion of the integration and cooperation of the targeted social service system. The novelty of this study is determined by its focus on the interests of objects of social protection in a market economy, and how they are influenced by economic, political, and social institutions. Moreover, the market model of the economy can offer certain individuals, households, social groups, or territorial communities support from the government or public organisations, and can induce them to activate internal resources to increase their motivation to rationalise their own lives. The authors show that the activities of the subjects of social protection are aimed at a positive perception of reality by preventing and overcoming the destructive consequences of market failures, social and economic risks, their characteristic socio-economic relations, and systems of the organisation of society as a whole. The practical significance of this study is determined by the fact that it proves the mobility of object-subject relations in the social protection of the population, contributes to the qualitative improvement of this protection, and provides a path for the transition of these subject-object relationships to a qualitatively new level.


social protection, social assistance, community service, pandemic and postpandemic, modernisation.

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