Oksana Kiforenko


An efficient public administration system is a key prerequisite for democratic governance. The development of international trade proceeds with the active participation of a state in general and its institutional and legal components in particular. The role of state institutions in the formation of international trade flows, using public administration mechanisms, and trying to combine either national or international interests is vitally important. In this article, an attempt is made to assess the effectiveness of public administration institutions in the sphere of international trade through a comparative analysis of the total turnover of trade between Ukraine and the Czech and Slovak Republics. The time frame under analysis is the 16-year period from 2004 to 2019. Data were collected from the official publications of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. Comparative analysis between Ukraine and the Czech and Slovak Republics was conducted on the following: total trade turnover; differences in the amount of total trade turnover between these countries on a yearly basis; the five highest values of said trade turnover; descriptive statistics; distribution normality; and the structure of exported and imported goods. The research presented in this article can be used by public administration bodies, politicians and decision-makers, large and small companies involved in international trade, EU international trade bodies, and both beginners and specialists in statistics and data analysis.


Public Management