Volodymyr Verhun, Olena Anatolijivna Pryiatelchuk, Olena Zayats


The socialization of public economic policy is a topical and inevitable process of a global nature. The role of intellectual capital is increasing along with the value of human capital, which acts as one of the key indicators of the development of a company, country, and region, and of the formation of the consumer market. The socialization of the economic process, as well as deepening the economic traits of a person, forms an active and well-founded process that is becoming a common feature of every country in the global economy. In particular, it is also a defining feature of the formation of a convergent model of EU socio-economic policy. Studying the individual features of the manifestation of these trends, mechanisms, and forms of implementation of the process of socialization – and designing national and regional models of the social and solidary economy on this basis – will allow for the management, control, and direction of these processes in the direction necessary to maximize their effects and minimize production losses.


socialization, economy, solidarity, convergence, EU.

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