Igor Dunayev, Yurii Kuts, Nataliya Stativka, Olha Ziuz, Viktoriia Kralia


This paper addresses the necessity of research on mechanisms for the establishment of cooperation between the authorities, the private sector, and the public in the field of solid domestic waste management (hereinafter – SWM) in the conditions of presentday Ukraine. A brief excursus was made on both global and Ukrainian practices of forming partnerships. In order to reinforce the theoretical material, the paper presents the results of an expert survey on determining the prospects for improving the state of SWM through the use of mechanisms for establishing cooperation between the authorities, the private sector, and the public. The findings provided information that is useful for identifying the major barriers that prevent the authorities, the private sector, and the public from collaborating in SWM, as well as for setting the criteria for estimating the efficiency of cooperation between these entities. Furthermore, in the course of the study, a hypothesis was formulated: that the crisis determinants of SWM stem from conflicts of interest between the authorities, the private sector, and the general public.


public administration, waste management, mechanism, partnership, sphere of SWM, Ukraine

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