Cognitive Instruments Of Public Management Accountability For Development Of National Innovation System

Svitlana Labunska, Nataliia Gavkalova, Andriy Pylypenko, Olena Prokopishyna


The main aim of the research was to develop cognitive instruments that allow justification of decisions in national innovation policy. In the theoretical part of research fundamentals of national innovation policies of EU-members and Ukraine were compared to reveal factors that can accelerate innovation development. In the empirical part of research the analysis of innovation capability of Ukrainian enterprises was conducted based on financial, statistic and management reports and it confirmed that companies systematically conducted innovation activities, reached higher levels of innovation potential, innovative business opportunities and margin of economic security and, consequently, have more innovative capacities for innovation of all types.
The formation of cognitive analytical base allowed the application of scenario modelling at the level of public management of innovation activity. Cognitive modelling approach was justified firstly by increased volatility in economic conditions of modern realities of crisis in the national economy, and secondly high-cost and risky innovations, fast diffusion of information resources during the introduction of innovation processes, and thirdly, the presence of the mutual influence of objects of national innovation system.


cognitive analysis, innovations, state budget, innovative capability, national innovation policy

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"Public Policy and Administration" ISSN online 2029-2872 / ISSN print 1648-2603