Means of Conscripts’ Motivation and Their Application in General Adolfas Ramanauskas Combat Training Centre

Henrichas Šostakas, Jūratė Guščinskienė


The purpose of this scientific article is to identify the most persistent motivational measures of conscripts applied at General Adolf Ramanauskas Combat Training Center. The article discusses motivation, motivating and motivation measures applied in contemporary civil organizations and the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The empirical part of the article is based on the authentic investigation of conscripts, which was carried out in the spring of 2018 in the “Vanagas” Operational Environment Company. The results of the research revealed that the most significant motivating factors for a conscript are such as the need for personal accomplishments and respect. What concerns the group of material motivation measures, the conscripts are best motivated by provision of health care services and social guarantees. In case of intangible values, they are most motivated by the opportunity to develop and pursue a career. Priority motivating measures that could encourage soldiers to serve better could be likewise: commanders’ support and trust, a friendly team, clear and interesting tasks, increase of cash benefits and organization of leisure time activities.


motivation, means of conscripts’ motivation, conscript soldiers, compulsory military service, needs.

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