Martín Cutberto Vera Martínez María Concepción Martínez Rodríguez http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3094-5411 Mariana Marcelino Aranda


The issue of public policy on accountability, transparency, and access to public information has now become a trend in most countries of the world. Among one of its objectives when evaluating institutions and public servants by their administrative and governmental decisions is to decrease corruption. Mexico is already a formal democracy, but the quality of its governments is still very low. Although these have been elected by the citizens, they continue without being accountable. In this paper, we analyze as a case study the State´s last recourse to repair what bad management and privileges caused: the national anticorruption system, its formation, and operation. We enunciate the limits and scope it faces.


Practice of Public Policy and Administration