Volodymyr V. Zablotskyi Oleksii Y. Palant Oleg A. Diegtiar Serhii V. Glibko Tetiana V. Bielska Alla V. Rusnak


The integration of Ukraine into the European community creates the necessity to carry out scientific research regarding the reformation of public management systems and to introduce principles of state management to management systems. The implementation of administrative reform and the realization of innovative systems of local self-government with elements of state management at local level will foster good conditions for intellectual, professional, and spiritual development in all individuals, and should become a state priority. Therefore, the peculiarities of state management of the educational system at the local level under conditions of education modernization, identification, and the prevention of negative aspects of this process are studied in this article. In regards to state management, the current state of the management system of educational establishments at local level is analyzed, and recommendations concerning changes to this system are proposed according to legislation. It has been found that the reformation of the system of local self-government opens up opportunities for the improvement of the state management model, the implementation of state management principles, and creates good conditions for regional development.


Management of Higher Education