Roza Bugubaeva, Elena Stavbunik, Mukhtarima Zhetpisbayeva, Roza Bespayeva, Aliya Abdikarimova


The topicality of the problem under study is due to the expansion of the contemporary concepts of the regional innovation system, and the increasing role of regions and local governments in the implementation of State programs of innovative industrial and technological development. This article aims toward the study of participants of regional innovation processes in the Karaganda region, and the definition of their goals in current conditions. The leading approach taken to the study is the analysis of the regional innovation policy issued by the authorized organizations, and the local government, allowing us to identify the tools of their relationship with other participants of the innovation system in the region. The key participants of the regional innovation system are characterized. The indicators of innovation activity in the region are considered. The factors influencing the innovation processes are identified. The materials contained in this article are useful for improving the management functions and positions of state authorities in the region, as well as for conducting a comparative analysis with other regions of Kazakhstan and the territorial subjects of nearby foreign countries.


public administration; regional innovation system; government bodies, region, Republic of Kazakhstan (RK), state authorities, state program.

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