Stasys Puškorius


The article aims to explore the development of network graph parameter calculation methodology. Computer programmes are analysed to serve the identification process of the above-mentioned parameters. A particular example is examined in order to show the additional preferences of implemented methodology. Major additional preferences of the proposed methodology are the following: calculation of time instants to start and finish concrete events, activities and the entire project, determination of time resources associated with particular event and activity, identification of critical activities, visibility of reserves distribution prospect, which enable the optimisation of an arranged plan by redistributing the time available and the material reserves and invoking external sources of these reserves, where necessary. It is very important that any changes in the network plan schedule, after entering them into the investigated computer programme, are reflected without additional logic changes calculated in the parameters table. This is particularly valuable during the project implementation process, because deviations from the plan allow updating parameter settings and thus enable the manager to manage the project implementation process specifically and purposefully.