Fabijonas Saulius Butkus


Realization of the management functions beginning with planning and ending with controlling have many specific features depending on such characteristic of an organization as product, technology of production and scale of operations. Public administration organization provides its consumers with an intellectual product, produced using intensive technology as units, and services produced using mediating technology in batch or mass scales. One of the most important means of management in such an organization is corporate culture based on clear formulated mission of organization. Formulation of the mission of organization, its parts and particular executives is considered by the author as one of the main problems increasing effectiveness and efficiency of public administration organizations in Lithuania today. Some specific features are stressed in realization of each management function. The planning of services must be based on forecasting of consumers needs and all the procedures and time consuming must be standardized. Organizing production of services employees must be prepared to help each other when the amount of services needed exceeds forecasted. The main professionals must be taught to work as moderators during the sessions of brain teamwork. Taking in account the role of corporate culture of public administration organizations, the persons with dominating material interest should be avoided. Nonmaterial work motivators such as recognizing, possibility to participate in important projects, guaranties of social security and others can be used effectively in the organizations of public administration. Quality control in creation of intellectual product must be realized in delicate forms such as consultations or discussions. Controlling of the services should be transparent and include consultations.