The Changes and Challenges in Personnel Management in Public Organization

Juozas Lakis


The article deals with the problems of personnel management in public sector in Lithuania. In the process of the administrative reform public organizations seek to apply their human potential to rapidly developing marked of social services, to the civil society needs as well as to the global changes in communicating. This is the crucial time for public sector in Lithuania, where the service institutions still are stayng regorous, linked to beurocracy, structured in complicated way. The factors of progress - how public servicing organizations are consolidated, innovative and open to the needs of customers. The most important demensions towards modernising the public organizations are facilitative leadership, team-building, effective procedures of motivating, decision making, sharing responsibilities, the incentives to lifelong learning and innovations.
The publication is based on observations and data indicating the changes, which take place nowdays in Lithuania.


facilitative leadership; team work; learning organization

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