Regional Social Economic Development: Innovations and „Oazis“ Policy

Borisas Melnikas


The main problems and priorities of regional social and economic development in Lithuania and other East – and Central European countries are described in the article. Innovation activities as the most important direction of regional development are analyzed too.
The main priorities of regional development oriented policy are characterized as follows:
• specialization of regional social, economic and technological development,
• establishing and modernization of the networks and infrastructure of industrial enterpises and industrial knots, multiindustrial clusters, social oriented groups of factories as well as innovation centres, business incubators, science and technologies parks, investment and regional economic development agencies,
• interregional and international cooperation with different regional economic and innovation systems, especially in EU.
Idea of „oazis“ policy in the regional development.
Possibilities and necessity to prepare and realize regional development oriented national innovation policy are described in the article as well.


regional development; innovations; „oazis“ policy; integration into EU; transformations; social economic processes

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