Application Premises of New Public Managament of the Local Administration in the Republic of Lithuania

Ramûnas Vanagas


In many countries the tendency of management development getting to the public sector is growing bigger. Especially underlined is the New public management role. Different authors, differently treat this conception. One group understands it like an absolutely new perception idea, which unifies general tendencies that were dominating in many countries and had an impact to the early stage of understanding the modernization of public sector. Others say that the New public management system isn’t a new idea and it came from various theoretical thesis. However scientific literature in most cases writes the opinion that the New public management has no independent theoretical sources and that its theoretical base consists of two foundations: public opinion theory and management. Talking about standard basis, which regulates the dominating system of the local administration in the Republic of Lithuania, the author analyze only the acts of law that state the position of country about the dominating system of local administration. That is, law acts have to have stated in them the main reform aspects of the public sector. Noteworthy points of this strategy fixed in the law acts are: Country’s long-term development strategy, Public administration expansion strategy as far as to year 2010, Lithuanian regional politics strategy to the year 2013, balanced National development strategy. Not less important are the other law acts like the Lithuanian Republic’s Government program for the year 2004-2008, confirmed by some central government institutions and there carried out functions of decentralization and deconcentration conception with the realization of the first step of this conception by all confirmed means. Noteworthy those at this time working laws that regulate the local administration in Lithuanian Republic sometimes have arguing points, but how to efficiently install new management development in the public sector, by this means and in the local administration, are not presented. It seems that the present valid law acts are prepared with standard basis, which should help to install New public management model in the local administration system of the Republic of Lithuania.


New Public Management; local selfgovernment; law; act; responsibilities of local authority

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