Tomas Vedlūga Birutė Mikulskienė Daiva Čepuraitė


To measure benefits of e-services is difficult, because of the variety of information and communications technology and the rapid transformation. In the health care, as in the context, contributes more confusion, because is it specific area, which includes all groups of people. Therefore, the provision of public health services is more and more consumer oriented. No less important is their knowledge about such services and the will and the ability to use them. This article presents research of electronic regostration service stakeholders in 2016.
Patients and employees participated in the quantitative research, which aimed to reveal their approach to electronic registration service content and its various aspects. Electronic registration service application users must be a continuous process, during which need to experiment with content and analyze the results. This process depends directly on the users, their needs and on the specifics of electronic services. The will to use electronic services caused by many factors such as usage patterns and user behavior.